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Internet Radio Classics Network

The INTERNET RADIO CLASSICS NETWORK specializes in creating a directory of professional internet radio stations.Radio Stations that provide a variety of CLASSIC Genre styles.  Classic Rock, Classic Country, Classic Oldies, Classic Top 40, Classic Comedy, etc.

The main purpose of this website is to provide You, a listener of Internet Radio, a
pleasant experience and the ease of choosing what You, the listener, would want to listen to in a quality sound radio station without any nerve racking disc jockeys yelling at you or the sound of a radio station being so LOUD, that it is so unpleasant to listen to.  Not here.  You, the listener, can listen longer and be assured that what is chosen by You, our listener, to listen to, will be aimed to your satisfaction and to be a pleasurable listening experience.

The INTERNET RADIO CLASSICS NETWORK Owner and Operator has been in the Radio Broadcast industry since 1976 and cares very much about the quality of radio stations and
satisfaction of our listeners from all over the world.

So rest assured, you, our listener, by choosing any station within our network, will be to the standards of what a true radio station should sound like... Pleasurable, fun, exciting and most importantly, you, our listeners true satisfaction and wanting to return to listen to the choosing of a radio station that you, our listener, truly enjoys.

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We hope that you will enjoy listening to any of the internet radio stations of your choice within our network.  

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we really do appreciate your continued support,
just by listening.  It's that simple.  Your listening pleasure is our satisfaction.


From all of your friends at The Internet Radio Classics Network and all of our affiliates.